my apathy.

i’m turning into a floating head, i’m turning into a piece of meat that needs chemicals for temporary mental revival, i’m turning into a virtuoso keyboardist, i’m turning into stoned and stultified brainwaves, absorbed into social networking, clicking via muscle memory, every fantasy and ambitious spark dampened by this infection, white bacterial slab of cyber-apathy, i lost sensation, numb tits and clits, just a dying thought in a frostbitten brain.

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the day he came.

on the freshly rained on park
we sat, and curled clumps of
grass and dirt in our hands.
when the sun came
we let it fall into our eyes
and burn them away
there was nothing
that anyone said to us
that made us think
to ever do otherwise.
we let it turn our eyes
to cinders and ash,
and we pried our mouths open
with our dirty hands,
and screamed.
there was nothing
anyone could call
from the neighborhood sidelines
that would make us think
to ever do otherwise.
we swayed and crashed
into one another
for we could not see
anything but balls of red,
and we laughed
because we realized
we would never predict
a thing in front of us
ever again.
our senses were consumed
and the din of
past consternation
was now a gentle wave
of crying kitten mews
and we eventually,
removed our hands from our mouths
to feel around our
charcoal eyes
and there we found
we threw them away
and heard them fall
like pins.

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the flavorful aroma of
sumatra and asphalt
hot sun and
cinnamon clove
jacarandas in blonde hair
strawberry sticky fingers
marmalade skies
wild cherry eyes

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i was spoonfed,

from birth:
fear and trepidation,
innocence that curls
like a leaf in reverse.
nature unfurled her limbs,
and sent me sprawling
into an abyss.
i crawl back,
for a taste
of what i’ve missed.
a drop of nectar
from the hidden resevoir,
where magic simmers silently,
untapped yet brimming.
my eyes are ablaze -
this holy union,
unspools each latent fury,
i straddle the liminal sphere,
of what i know and what
i dare to know,
i am unlearning and

i remember everything now.

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Morning Jane.

A whisper that rises like an arabesque of smoke. A glance that resonates like a wine glass. A laugh that plays like chimes with the wind. Soft mornings, white sky, and piped dreams. The air has a pulse, ebbing with the distant cars and singing birds. Time is a thread.

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It’s the beautiful ones.

It’s the beautiful ones that get lost, torn and tattered, smudged and battered, eroded between two fingers and snorted up one nostril. The beautiful ones are imprisoned and barricaded, held tight and manipulated, perverted and controlled, deluded and reversed.

Beautiful girl, hold your head up high. Beautiful girl, don’t forget the sky. That’s all you have. Imagine yourself upside down, walking on the blue. A new world made just for you. 

Forget everything you’ve been told. Taste something that grows off a tree.
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